AOL Account Recovery


Go through the given issues to get an idea regarding the underlying problem.

There might be someone close to you or former mates who got to access your account once due to negligence. The same fellow might have modified the password so it is preferable to set a new strong password to bar the hacker from accessing your account.

Did you forget your account details and not able to furnish them? Relax and sit back as you can regain control over your account once you are able to answer the security questions asked by the server.

Under some circumstances, those users who break the rules and regulations set up by the organization might end up losing the account access. Call us to know the terms of services set by AOL.

If the user doesn’t login into his or her account for over 90 days, then his account may get deactivated. After deactivation, the user won’t be able to receive any message as it will be returned to the sender. Straight 180 days account inactivity will result into permanent deactivation of account.

Apart from the above-mentioned causes, there are several other technical bugs that can prevent the user from accessing his or her account. It is, therefore, necessary to get professional help from our AOL Customer Support Service. Give us a call at +1-855-536-5777 to get your queries resolved.